SingleHop Review

SingleHop ReviewSingleHop was founded in 2006 and today, they manage over ten thousand servers with over a hundred employees based out of Phoenix, Chicago and Columbus. SingleHop has become well known in recent years for offering 100% uptime across the board for a prolonged period of time. SingleHop is also considered to be the top twenty-fifth fastest growing company in the US for 2011. From dedicated servers to cloud computing, the company offers completely managed services for its vast amount of customers. SingleHop has over three dozen different configurations for their servers, so finding one that meets your needs is not a hard task at all.

Dedicated Server Hosting Features

SingleHop provides single processor, dual processor and quad processor servers that run on either Intel Xeon or Core processors. All the dedicated servers come with unlimited inbound bandwidth, while outbound bandwidth is set at 10TB or more. A popular server at SingleHop that is available in mass amounts is the Intel Xeon 5410 which comes loaded with 4×2.33GHz, 8GB DDR2 memory and 4TB of storage space. You can also choose a dedicated server by location, as you can get a server from either the Chicago or Phoenix datacenter.

As for the managed services SingleHop offers for its servers, they include complete security, monitoring, storage, backups, software management, system administration and network services. Security services for servers have become an important aspect for many businesses and SingleHop offers various sorts. When you subscribe for managed services, you’ll benefit from virus scans, spam filtering, security auditing and more. SingleHop’s cloud computing network allows you to go with either private or public clouds which can be setup in less than fifteen minutes. You can easily monitor and manage your cloud services from the LEAP control panel.

Server Reliability and Performance

SingleHop uses high grade routing equipment, processors and server builds to ensure that customers experience the best hosting service. According to their in-house uptime report, the servers have maintained an average 100% uptime in the past six months, from all three of their datacenters. With SingleHop you’ll be working with a company that can provide you with exceptional quality bandwidth. A handful of SingleHop customers have mentioned how happy they are with the uptime and speed of their servers, even during the peak hours.


Customer support from SingleHop is offered by phone, live support and email. When you have their managed server plans, you will rarely need to get in touch with them, but it would still help to be a phone call away from them. One amazing aspect about the support from SingleHop is that it is available from USA, France, Mexico, UK, Canada, Australia and Bulgaria. All these locations have dedicated toll-free numbers that direct to their location-specific customer support center. Alternatively, you may also be able to get some help from their help center which includes tutorials about dedicated server management. Customer support for dedicated servers is available 24/7/365, so they’re available whenever you call. One of the benefits is that you actually speak to people who know every aspect about your server.

Value for Your Money

SingleHop offers amazing value for your money, as they have servers for as low as $149/month. Availability is never an issue with SingleHop; because you get to see exactly how many servers they have available in each category. Some of the popular dedicated servers are always in stock, as they are constantly being purchased by clients. Managed services vary depending on the type of service you are looking to purchase.

Backups generally cost ten dollars per month, per 10GB of data, while overage is billed by the gigabyte at $1.50. Rather than purchasing dedicated server hosting from a regular hosting company, you would be better off dealing with a company that exclusively deals with server hosting. Companies such as SingleHop can afford to offer you better rates, as opposed to other private hosting companies.

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