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Do Artists Need A Website? Why Is .ART Domain More Helpful?

As a modern artist, you need a digital space to display your artworks. Artists need a website and .ART domain is the best option.

Artists usually display their artworks hanging on walls in gallery and attracting people living nearby. With your own website, you can showcase your artworks to people all over the world without boundaries.

The .ART domain is easy to recognize with no geographical constraints. It is good for artists, art professionals and creatives to link your audience with your digital space.

5 Major Reasons Why Artists Need A Website

  • A website is a digital space to showcase your artwork and interact with your audience. You have a full ownership of this space. As a modern artist, you can display your artworks on your website rather than hanging the on a gallery wall.
  • A website is the gateway to direct your audience to your social media accounts. You can add your links to social media accounts on your web page. Meanwhile, you can also direct your social media audience to your website to see your artworks.
  • You can continually grow your audience base through your website. A relevant and engaging blog can drive organic traffic to your website free of charge. Also, improving SEO of your blog will improve your chance to show up at the top of Google search results.
  • Artists usually travel all over the world to get inspiration. With your own website, you can live and work from anywhere as long as you get Internet connection. It doesn’t matter where you live while you conduct your art business online.
  • Website allows you to build a respected digital community globally. Art has no boundary. There is also no boundary to attract audience worldwide to visit your website and see your artworks.

What Is .ART Domain?

The .ART domain was introduced in 2017. The mission of .ART domain is advance the art world through technology and build a dedicated space on the Internet for the art world.

Why Do I Need .ART Domain if I Already Have A .COM Domain Website?

.COM have been on the market since 1980s. It is more commercially oriented. Most of the meaningful names under .COM domain have already been registered. It is very expensive to buy your favorite .COM domain names in the domain marketplace. Usually you have to get .COM domain names through public auction.

.ART domain appeared only few years ago when the needs for dedicated space in arts and culture are growing worldwide. .ART domain is specially designed for arts and culture. It matches with what you are doing. .ART domain also can easily link up with your targeted audience.

You might be working on a creative project recently with a different theme as your existing .COM website. Your audience may be confused by your .COM domain name or the contents on your website. Then you may acquire a new .ART domain, build a new website and put your new creative project contents on this new site, make it more direct, relevant, and interactive with your audience.

Where Can I Get .ART Domain? How Much Does It Cost?

Once you have some ideas about the preferred names of your .ART domain that matches the theme of your artworks, you need to search whether your preferred names have been registered. I recommend Dynadot for you to register your .ART domain name.

You can get .ART at $5.99 for the first year from Dynadot.

Is There Any Promotional Offer For .ART Domain Right Now?

Yes, limited time offer, you can get .ART domain with $3.00 coupon code by clicking the button below.

What is Dynadot?

Dynadot is a renowned domain registrar and hosting company founded in 2002.  They provide domain registration and management, web hosting, website builders and email accounts.

Dynadot’s goal is to help their customers register domain names and create websites simply and affordably. Simple and easy to follow domain registration process with cheap renewal rates.

I Have Registered My .ART Domain. Do I Need To Buy Web Hosting Plan?

The answer is optional. There are many paid web hosting plans from different web hosting companies on the market. However, you get FREE hosting plan from Dynadot, which includes the following features:-

  • Connect your .ART domain
  • Publish 1 page
  • 1 email address
  • 500 MB Storage
  • Drag and drop web builder
  • Mobile responsive website
  • Display Dynadot ads

Moreover, Dynadot offers advanced features free of charge, in which you have to pay these advanced features from most of the web hosting companies. The advanced features include:-

Free marketing advanced features

  • Search engine optimization
  • Lead capture

Free customer support services

  • Community forum
  • Chat & email support

I Have No Technical Skills To Build A Website. Is There Any Free & Easy To Use Website Builder?

Yes, Dynadot understands that most artists do not have experience and technical skills to build a website, they offer free and easy to use website builder. You can create a beautiful website with just a few clicks. You can also customize the text and photos of your website by simply drag and drop.

There are many website templates to choose in the Website Builder to match the theme of your artworks. Here are some examples.

Ready To Pick Your .ART Domain. Don’t Wait Before Someone Picks Your Favourite Name

Please click the link below and search for your favorite .ART domain names. While our promotional offer lasts, get a $3.00 coupon code today.

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